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Stages of the Heart — the Enneagram Types Waking Up

13–15 sept | Folkets hus, Rönninge

Are you ready to embark on an enlightening journey of personal and collective psychological and spiritual growth, unlocking the secrets of human awakening?

Join us for an exclusive workshop led by the esteemed Dr. ElSherbini, who will introduce his groundbreaking ”Stages of the Heart” model! This pioneering framework seamlessly combines elements from diverse psychological and spiritual traditions across both Eastern and Western cultures, integrated with the Enneagram to provide a holistic view of our progression towards full human potential and true self-realization. By tailoring the awakening process through specific stages to each of the 9 Enneagram types, Dr. ElSherbini transforms the Enneagram beyond a mere tool of classification, individuation, and judgment to serve as a global symbol of compassion, tolerance, unity, and peace. Don’t miss this extraordinary chance to acquire profound insights from a leading authority in the field!


13—15 Sept | Starting Fri morning; ending Sun early afternoon (exact time schedule will be sent out nearing the workshop)

Folkets hus, Rönninge, close to the commuter train station.

The course fee includes: Snacks and lunch are included on every day (on Sunday, lunch is a wrap).

Fee (members of the Nordic IEA’s):
Early bird ending June 15th: 2 450 SEK | after June 15th: 3 250 SEK

Fee (non-members):
3 250 SEK

Registration from Sweden:
Betala in avgiften på pg 62 33 31-6 och ange namn och kontaktuppgifter.

Registration from outside of Sweden:
Please contact Jenny Muda for the relevant bank information.

About Khaled Elsheribini
Dr. ElSherbini is an extraordinary figure with a multitude of distinguished qualifications from both the academic and spiritual realms. With his PhD in Engineering, and numerous MSc’s in Environmental Sciences, Innovation and Technology Management, and Transpersonal Psychology, as well as being author and teacher of esteemed psychospiritual transformational programs such as “Awaken Through Enneagram”, ”Integral Enneagram” and ”Conscious Integral Enneagram Coaching”, it becomes clear why he has earned such respect. Stitching together illumination through science, philosophy, psychology, and spirituality to create powerful tools that promote holistic growth, he has shared his wisdom with thousands of people on the journey to wholeness and greater self-awareness.

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